Microblading Brows for Men

This client had clipped his very bushy eyebrows too short.  I filled in the bare spots and tweezed a few of the stray hairs to give a more pleasing shape.

The eyebrows shown below have been tattooed with a smoke color. We agreed that this client looks ten years younger.

The eyebrows below have been painted with a prospective brow look. I have done a bit of tweezing to improve the shape.

This fellow has alopecia (see the Paramedical section).  Shown here are the before and after images from his first visit. The irritation will subside in a couple of hours. As noted elsewhere, on this first visit, the color will fade by about 30% as the surface skin wears away. I will probably use a darker color for the second application.

In the final application, his skin wasn’t as reactive. I built on the background color by using a darker color in hairstrokes. We will likely tweak the design during his first six months (covered under my warranty).


Shown below is another client, whose skin didn’t have the same reaction.

For this client, I covered a scar from a childhood accident:


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