Microblading and Permanent Eyeliner

The combination of brow color and eyeliner can do much to enhance one’s appearance, besides the benefits of convenience and freedom from itchy makeup. I don’t generally recommend lower eyeliner, as it can be too harsh, unless it has always been part of one’s routine. Upper and lower eyeliner can always be applied later, after one becomes completely comfortable with brow renovations, which are suggested as first steps. It’s important to remember that permanent makeup, and all tattoos, are additive processes–easy to add but annoying, painful and expensive to remove.

For this client, I added color to the eyebrows and replaced her topical eyeliner with a soft, durable line in blue-gray.  Eyeliner can be wide or more conservative, according to the client’s preferences.

This client gleefully exclaimed, “Now I don’t look like a boiled egg.”

It only takes a little color in the right place to make a big difference. I’m happy when my work isn’t obvious, and my client has the option of revealing the secret.

A little color restoration: “I don’t look like I’m all used up.”

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