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My home studio is in CHARLOTTESVILLE, and I have a satellite office in RICHMOND. I also visit FISHERSVILLE by invitation–please contact me for the next date in each of these remote locations–dates are set in an effort to meet client convenience

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From no-brows to waterproof brows. See her complete transition on Paramedical: Alopecia.

PERMANENT MAKEUP (and its variation, MICROBLADING), is a tattoo, and it is not–this is a case of apples and walnuts. Both are nutritious foods, and both grow on trees, but they’re not the same.  For more details on the differences between durable cosmetics and body art, please visit the About page on this website.  As I practice it, permanent makeup includes aesthetic procedures such as eyebrow color, eyeliner/eye shadow,  and lipcolor–it also includes “micropigmentation,” which is the medical term  for restorative coloration following cancer surgery, radiation or chemotherapy, as well as simulated-hair pigmentation for alopecia clients who have lost their eyebrows and/or eyelashes.  Microblading is another popular term, generally referring to natural-looking work done on eyebrows with a hand tool, which is the way I do eyebrows.

You will find numerous photographic examples in these pages.

In brief, here’s how you can benefit from permanent makeup:

• Saves time–effortless good looks, both day and night
• Serves your active lifestyle–won’t run or streak during your workout
• Gives a natural, “beautiful without makeup” look
• Ends the difficulty of applying makeup with glasses
• Minimizes those aging changes around eyes and lips
• Eliminates a challenge for arthritic or shaky hands






For men:  If you have light eyebrow hair or bald spots in your eyebrows, I can improve your appearance with a bit of tattooed color along the brow line, allowing for a more expressive face.  The color is matched to your skin tones and hair color for a perfectly natural look.

The scar camouflage process is similar to permanent makeup, but involves matching the skin color to minimize the texture and visibility of scars.  Please visit the Paramedical page for details.

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Your first consultation is free, and carries no obligation.  VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal check and cash are all acceptable forms of payment.  My work carries a twelve-month warranty against discoloration or excessive fading, and all booster-color visits (generally every two years or so) are priced well below the original procedure.

TRY OUT A DESIGN. In a consultation, you can try on new eyebrows. Come to my studio with your makeup on, so that I can see what you usually wear. You’ll be asked to wipe off any eyebrow makeup, and I’ll apply a proposed eyebrow design, using the actual pigment and a tiny paintbrush. This way, we can modify the design and color until the best possible look is reached. I’ll photograph that design and copy it with a tattoo. As noted above, the consultation is free and carries no obligation.

OBSERVE THE PROCESS. Several clients have said that they would not mind having an observer present while we are working in my studio–this would provide much better visibility than a group arrangement. If you are interested in scheduling a visit to observe the process, either in Charlottesville, Richmond, Roanoke or Fishersville, please call me (434-825-0481) or send a message by email at mhunter825@gmail.com.

I also provide services that do not involve pigmentation. Here’s an example:


With only a bit of careful tweezing, done in observance of her natural brow shape, we achieved a much-improved appearance. These brows have a slight asymmetry which can be addressed with either additional tweezing (resulting in a smaller brow,) or by micropigmentation / tattoo, which retains the strong design that she likes. She opted to leave them as they are.