Client response

Client C.H: This email came from a client the day after her eyebrow procedure.  We had spent 3 hours discussing, considering and applying her new eyebrows.

Hello Mary,

Thank you for your follow up. I am very pleased. When my skin crinkles, I feel some soreness but mostly it is not that uncomfortable. I appreciate all the time you spent providing answers to my many questions and addressing my concerns. I felt comfortable with you and the procedure.

I never thought of myself as a vain person, but as I aged and then the mutiple bouts with skin cancers have left me feeling unattractive and not caring as much as I should about a significant weight gain.

Thanks again. I look  forward to seeing you next month.

P.S: My sister and I stopped @ CVS for drinks before we left Charlottesville. I saw a picture of Carrie Underwood and I said, “She has no brows.”  My sister teased me and said now you will want “celebrity” eyebrows.  :-)

P. S. My coworkers have been quite complimentary!

Shown above are the before and immediately-after images from that day.  These were her starter brows, and they’re not perfect; a month later we adjusted the shape and color just a little, adding depth and contour (see below).  As shown here, she had had surgery on the right side to remove a growth, effectively losing her eyebrow; the other side had been overplucked.

This is how she looked immediately after the second application of her chosen design; as with the first application, there will be some lightening as the surface skin wears away during the first week or so. If her skin doesn’t absorb too much of the color, this should be all she needs for a year or two.

Other client remarks:

  • “A terrific investment–I’m so glad I did it now–before I lost all  of my eyebrow hairs! I would recommend this to anyone–Also would recommend you–as I had this done once before and was disappointed in the outcome”.
  • “I love my eyebrows–I love not having to draw them on!!”
  • “Color is great. I am so happy I did this–thanks so much!”
  • “I’m pleased with the make-up. The color is suitable with my hair color.”
  • “It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done and [I] don’t know why everyone doesn’t try it. It’s worth every penny.”
  • “Love the color, best thing I ever did! Looks natural.”  Her granddaughters added: “Nana looks very natural. We really like the color.”
  • From my SQUARE account responses:
  •            “Professional, knowledgeable, and delightful! Five stars!”
  •             “Always the most-professional experience and stellar customer service!”
  •             “Very professional, but also a lot of FUN!”

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