Why does the color fade more quickly than for body art?

Permanent makeup is more properly described as “durable makeup.” Just as with permanents for your hair, body chemistry plays a role in wearing it away (these defenses are more robust in your face than in your arms, for example)–this is the reason most of us apply it in two visits, and this is why I […]

Protect your investment

I have recently begun to partner with a Mary Kay distributor, and now offer samples of their tinted sunscreen to my clients. I also promote the use of two products by SkinCeuticals: their tinted sunscreen formula, and Phloretin CF, a broad-range antioxidant which has been shown to minimize creases, including those persistent forehead lines. SkinCeuticals […]

How black is your black?

There are two compounds available for black pigment:  carbon black, which is often used by body–art technicians, and iron-oxide black, most often used by permanent-makeup technicians. Carbon black, also known as lamp black, bone black and thermal black, is a hydrocarbon compound with a small, round molecule which is both darker and more likely to […]