Responding to “Tattoo Ink Stained by Safety Concerns”

I’ve been alerted to a recent NPR story and its FDA reference.  Readers and listeners should make the distinction between tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments–their formulas are very different; beyond that, I can’t comment on tattoo inks.  As others have pointed out, the same color compounds that are used in permanent makeup pigments are […]

Dedicated parking–yay!

I now have a dedicated parking space which is available at no charge for clients during their visit.   Please call for instructions.

Thanks, Signature Spa

Thank you, Signature Spa, for your continued referrals.  I was invited to appear there in the fall of 2009 before a panel of four, who questioned me about my work and my qualifications.  I am pleased that Jackie Busa, Doreen Schuett and the other staff there have been sufficiently impressed with the work I have […]

Working in collaboration with University Hospital

The University of Virginia’s Plastic Surgery Clinic refers its areola restoration clients to my studio.  I was formally trained in this procedure in New Orleans (the Guastella Institute), and I’ve been serving clients since 2009.  My qualifications include having been one of these patients myself (UVA’s Dr. Lin was my surgeon), and thus have a […]

Ground-level access to services

In cooperation with Stephanie Snell of Charlottesville Skin & Laser, I am now able to serve clients at their ground-level location, Townside Shopping Center, 2214 Ivy Road (near Zazu’s).  If climbing the stairs to my downtown studio is difficult for you, please contact me to arrange an appointment at Charlottesville Skin & Laser.