Protect your investment

I have recently begun to partner with a Mary Kay distributor, and now offer samples of their tinted sunscreen to my clients. I also promote the use of two products by SkinCeuticals: their tinted sunscreen formula, and Phloretin CF, a broad-range antioxidant which has been shown to minimize creases, including those persistent forehead lines. SkinCeuticals […]

How black is your black?

There are two compounds available for black pigment:  carbon black, which is often used by body–art technicians, and iron-oxide black, most often used by permanent-makeup technicians. Carbon black, also known as lamp black, bone black and thermal black, is a hydrocarbon compound with a small, round molecule which is both darker and more likely to […]

New York Times: “Tattoos as Makeup? Read the Fine Print”

Thanks to a recent caller who referred to this article from February 2011.  It is a well-stated and apt warning for anyone considering permanent makeup, and, I believe, presents a more balanced report than the NPR story.   As noted before, I welcome all questions about my materials, my methods, and my qualifications.  Please read the […]

Responding to “Tattoo Ink Stained by Safety Concerns”

I’ve been alerted to a recent NPR story and its FDA reference.  Readers and listeners should make the distinction between tattoo inks and permanent makeup pigments–their formulas are very different; beyond that, I can’t comment on tattoo inks.  As others have pointed out, the same color compounds that are used in permanent makeup pigments are […]

Dedicated parking–yay!

I now have a dedicated parking space which is available at no charge for clients during their visit.   Please call for instructions.