2. Scar reduction, needling and camouflage


Scar management is another paramedical process.  Using my tattoo machine, I am able to release and smooth out scar tissue.  It takes time (a period of months, and two or more treatments), but it can result in a dramatically improved appearance.  Those with scars from surgery, an accident, or acne can gain smoother skin.  To accomplish this, the scar is needled, using the tattoo machine without pigment.  This breaks up the shiny, rubbery tissue so that new skin can grow in through it.  After the desired smoothness is reached, the residual discoloration may be camouflaged with skin-toned pigments.



This man had had hair transplants quite a long time ago, and recently decided to adopt a bald appearance (I think he’s much handsomer this way), which required covering the scars from the transplant plugs.  You can see the redness from our process, but there is already an improvement.  Below, see how the first visit retained about half of the color; with the second visit, once the irritation subsides, the scars will be mostly invisible. It may require one more visit.

IMGP5497  IMGP5498





This woman had burn scars from 20 years ago.



See also this one (note that the contrast in the first photo is exaggerated slightly to make the image reproducible) :

IMGP5419                      IMGP5815