Brows: Alopecia

Alopecia (alopecia areata or alopecia universalis) is an autoimmune disorder usually triggered by stress; it may also be hereditary.  The result is that, to varying degrees among the 5 million or so who are affected in the US, the body rejects its hair, including arm & leg, scalp, eyebrows and sometimes, eyelashes.  This condition is often permanent.  Other causes of hair loss include chemotherapy, at least temporarily; sometimes emotional challenges result in another cause of hair loss, compulsively pulling hair out from scalp or eyebrows (trichotillomania).  Responses to hair loss can include the use of wigs (human hair wigs have become quite lovely as disguises) and makeup for missing eyebrows and eyelashes.  Permanent makeup can be useful here, eliminating the chore of applying eyebrow pencil and eyeliner daily, as well as potential embarrassment at the gym or the pool.  With their permission, I offer the illustrations of one client’s experience with eyebrow tattoos.  She wears a human hair wig, and still has her own eyelashes.

She had been drawing eyebrows on, every day,    for years.  (Look closely.)

This is how she looked without makeup.




Now she has a little less to do in the morning.