Brows (F)

I regret that the photos on this page have been difficult to line up properly. I’m working on this.










This client did not remember having an injury to her right eyebrow, but I found a small scar which explained the sharp angle of the arch.  I worked it into the final design.




This client never wore makeup, and the combination of tweezing plus aging had thinned her eyebrows considerably.  In our first visit I merely darkened the existing hairline, so that she can gradually get used to seeing more color there.  She was immediately happier.  On her second visit, I used a tiny paintbrush to show the revised eyebrow, so that she’d know in advance how it would look.  The photo on the right is the completed tattoo. You’ll notice that the eyebrows are not identical to each other. We have left their original asymmetry intact. In a year or two, when she comes in for booster color, we may change that, and will probably make them a bit thicker, after she has gotten used to the difference.


Less effort for the same effect. From left to right and bottom: topically applied makeup; no makeup; and tattooed eyebrow makeup. Minor redness from the procedure will disappear in a couple of hours. She will require at least one additional application, as part of the color will be absorbed into the skin (or removed by the immune system, depending on how you describe it), and some will be lost as the surface skin wears away during the next 5-7 days. This appearance, as the final result, is expected after a second application (sometimes a third). The warranty assures her that there will be no additional cost for the first year. The cost for the first year is $395 in Charlottesville, $425 in Richmond and Roanoke. Booster color, after the first year, costs $125. For details on my qualifications, see the About (FAQ) page on this website.

Whether it’s with very light or very dark skin, my clients sometimes have nearly invisible eyebrows. On the first visit, I apply a very conservative design and color–something my client is quite sure she/ he likes. On the second visit, I blend in a darker or lighter color, and add length and thickness as desired. This creates less stress, and the brows often appear to have grown in, leaving it to the client to reveal whether or not it is a tattoo.





This client has added synthetic lashes.