Why does the color fade more quickly than for body art?

Permanent makeup is more properly described as “durable makeup.” Just as with permanents for your hair, body chemistry plays a role in wearing it away (these defenses are more robust in your face than in your arms, for example)–this is the reason most of us apply it in two visits, and this is why I offer a 12-month warranty. Secondly, just as with the curtains in your home, the sun bleaches it very slowly, and your face is always turned toward the light (arms and backsides are at a lower angle and often covered). Finally, the color pigments used in permanent makeup are usually made with iron oxide, which has a larger molecule than body art inks, which are usually made with carbon. Carbon, while longer-lasting, often migrates in the skin, producing a fuzzy line edge, which we don’t always want in makeup, and tends to age toward blue, which isn’t nice for eyebrows. I’d be happy to discuss this further–just call me at 434-825-0481.